After swearing off Battle Royale games from several toxic hours with Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, I didn’t think I’d return to the volatile genre ever again. Though the charming ragdoll physics might, on a glance, remind people of challenging platformers like QWOP, Fall Guys is much more kid-friendly than that. It’s the exact kind of game we needed right now, a perfectly joyous distraction from a lot of the shittyness around us. Fall Guys has the structure of a delightful game with a lot of longevity.

The hypnotic, dopamine-soaked joy which follows the realisation that one of your favourite mini-games is about to start – in my case the team-based Egg Scramble and insanely tense final round Hex-A-Gone – is basically worth the price of admission alone.

A fair and balanced playing field, Fails Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is pure fun no matter how many hours you’ve put into it. The helplessness during these moments works to amuse the players at the sheer absurdity of the gameplay. The game was developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital and was released on August 4th for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows on Steam.

Battle royales are intense — the premise of being cast into a battle arena filled with dozens of other players in a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek is enough to make every game an intense experience where no two matches are alike. Overall, I enjoyed my time with Fall Guys on PS4.

In Short: Exactly the sort of fun, colourful, and purposefully silly multiplayer game the world needs right now, even if it’s not exactly the most polished video game of the year. Mediatonic have announced the first patch for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout which comes with a brand new mode and multiple fixes.

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