Burma Boating is set to launch monthly cruises around the Mergui Archipelago, combining two of the most sought-after activities in these clear waters – yachting and scuba diving. The dive site Rocky One has one of the biggest anemone fields with all different anemones and anemone fishes, compared to all dive sites located in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) in the Andaman Sea. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or on board a ship for the first time, you will love Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago, an area so versatile and large that you can beach hop for weeks on end or go on multi-day blue-water passages.

The Mergui Archipelago, or Myeik, as the locals call it, is made up of 800 islands distributed across a 600-kilometre stretch of the Andaman Sea, forming a large marine ecosystem that extends to another 40 islands that are part of Thailand. The Salone people, also known as Moken, are a prominent tribe who live on the sea around the Myeik Archipelagos.

High Rock lies some 500 metres to the south of Quion Island, Sandor Poppinga just 25 km from Kawthaung. The focus is on soft adventure activities and healthy cuisine prepared by a 5-star chef using the resort’s own organic kitchen garden produce and local seafood. Many of the Mergui dive sites are renowned for their big fish action and you hear people talk of sites such as Shark Cave and Black Rock in hushed, reverential tones.

Burmese authorities strictly control where boats can visit but some island stops may be possible when not sailing between dive sites (long distances are involved). Kawthoung is the city located at the southernmost tip of Myanmar and a quick boat across the water from Thailand’s Ranong.

In the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball , Ernst Stavro Blofeld demands that NATO pay the international criminal organization SPECTRE a ransom of white flawless diamonds worth £100 million to be deposited in the Mergui Archipelago off the coast of Myanmar.

Boulder’s underwater world has branching, plate and sponge corals, and a variety of marine life close to the shore, as well as two marine biologists mapping the coral garden reefs and educating guests about the island environment. The Mergui Archipelago itself is composed mainly of metamorphic rocks of the Mergui Series, following tectonic lines north to south.

From the boat you see only 3 fairly small rocks breaking the surface, but the underwater terrain is huge. Those guests who may wish to combine their yacht charter with travel elsewhere in Burma (Myanmar) should apply for a visa in advance to their nearest consulate or embassy.

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