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When you first hear the names of Apple’s new iPhones — the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max — you may have some questions. Where’s the iPhone X? And what makes the iPhone Pro… Pro? What happened to last year’s XS and XS Max? This year’s new phones are polished sequels (literally and figuratively) to the three we got last year. For some people the iPhone 11 just needs to be better than the XS. And it indeed is. But for others, it’s nice to know where Apple stands in the larger landscape of phones. There are wild 5G speeds on the horizon, plus bizarre and expensive foldable phones like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. And then there’s the more expensive $799 (£669, AU$1,049) Google Pixel 4, which actually makes the $699 (£729, AU$1,199) iPhone 11 look like an even better value.

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Apple did a great job with new features, including some serious camera improvements like Night Mode for taking photos in dimly lit situations and Deep Fusion, a new way for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro to process photos taken in situations where the lighting is bright enough for you to see, but nothing like being outside on a sunny day. 

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But there’s a good reason why the company named its more expensive and fancier phones “Pro” this year: 카지노사이트주소 Price. Apple is smartly targeting the $699 iPhone 11 as the phone for most people, in the same mold as the iPhone XR (

Editors’ note, March 30: Five months after Apple launched the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, 카지노사이트쿠폰 the phones still represent two of the best that you can buy today. In February, the Galaxy S20 launched at a starting price of $999. Technically it’s the most affordable phone in Samsung’s current generation. Compared to the Galaxy S20, the iPhone 11 is an absolute steal. The original review, published on Sept. 17, follows below.

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Apple’s new phones boast more cameras, lower price


Still starts at 64GB

The $699 iPhone 11 model gets 64GB of storage, which is probably fine for many people — and it’s a $50 price drop from last year’s iPhone XR base model. 128GB for $749 probably makes more sense if you’re shooting any video and 256GB for $849 should only be a consideration if you’re shooting a lot of video. The Pro phones add a 512GB tier that you won’t need unless you’re shooting in 4K for 카지노바카라 a living. See the chart at the bottom of this review for complete pricing details, including UK and Australian prices.

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Colors: iPhone 11 is the fun phone

For whatever reasons, Apple is still making the lower-priced iPhone 11, the one that comes in fun colors. There are two new colors, called green and purple, that are more like mint green and lavender. These new pastel colors replace the blue and coral options from last year.

I have the green iPhone 11. Its color is pleasant, and the aluminum case color is much closer to seamless with the glass color. The glossy glass back feels the same as last year’s XR. So does the rest of the phone — except for the dual cameras, which are raised up from the back and placed in a frosted glass camera square.

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